Monday, July 09, 2007


My goal of getting a lot of beans grown successfully has been we have to do something with them. I have three kids out picking and I think we will get a lot of tv watched this afternoon while snapping them. I suppose if I were a romantic I would have them sit out on the lawn and snap them but frankly it is hot and snapping beans and watching tv is more fun for them. They pick them cheerfully because they know they will get to watch tv. How is that for motivation?

Cindy and I walked this morning and talked about a book she is reading (I have to get the title - I forgot) about these women in a neighborhood who live the 'perfect' life and their vans are clean, their homes are clean, they cook perfect meals and their two children are pristeenly (spelling?) dressed. of them gets murdered. So Cindy in Cindy style thinks this is hilarious as it seems no surprise that someone might want to murder a woman who behaves this way. It is sort of a spoof on the 'perfect' American suburban life. I will let you know the title when I ask. Oh......(take no offense mom) instead of suburban 'Robots' the women are called 'Tal-bots'. (My mom is not the 'typical' Talbots shopper - she is the go in for the hunt and get a clearance bargain and she exercises proper restraint). Anyway I have never thought of 'Tal-bots' before and found that VERY amusing. I went with my mom for the 'hunt' on her birthday and I do remember wondering about these perfectly dressed women and what their life must be like.

Time to snap the beans......

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