Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hanging in there

I have been feeling a little stessed lately but am trying to take some steps to relieve some of that stress. The next few weeks are extremely hectic and there is still the garden to take care of that if I had my druthers would take first place in priorities. Everyone loves what comes out of it and it has to be packaged up somehow. We got some beans today but not nearly enough to can yet so I am giving some away to be enjoyed fresh.

I have an appointment for Stefan on Friday to talk to the doc about strategies for the future. He indicated that a visit to the allergist was in order so I am sure that will be part of our discussion.

Charley is away at Boy Scout camp with Matthew. He wanted to cancel and stay home but that would have punished Matthew and the rest of the boys as apparently no one else could do this. A part of me wanted to say yes, stay home but I know we will muddle through. I need to give him a buzz about the realities of what we can accomplish this week.

Erik and Nat are cleaning the garage out today. I am not sure where all that stuff is headed but at least we can move around better now. I think the barn is gaining weight. Charley reinforced the barn floor to handle the extra load.

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