Monday, July 30, 2007

High School Chums

I had a great visit with my high school friend Jeanie last week on the way to and from Higher Things. Jeanie was one of my bridesmaids and she always wanted to marry someone like Charley. Well......she did. Alex is a hoot. Both have a love for the outdoors, dinking around with their projects and......both families can feel at ease with each other and the lack of trim and strange piles of stuff here and there in the yard. I am certain they both would have been placed on Ritalin if they had been born 20 years later. Both cute husbands laugh at the oddities of their property and their nervously giggling wives. Alex collects outboard motors and his friends cast off chain saws. He has more chain saws then my husband (don't get jealous Charley). Alex and Charley MUST get together to pool their ideas too. They met once at our 20th HS reunion and talked the whole time. If only Chicago weren't in between us I am sure there would be more road trips. Their property is fantastic! They are in the middle of no where, with roads that are well built, a town nearby that brews beer and wine, beautiful country side and neighbors who are far, far away from them. Neighbors are nice but so is space.

THeir kids were great too. David is 9 and couldn't remember Stefan was a boy most of the time but that is ok. He had fun holding her.....uh....him. Their Matthew turned 4 while we were there. He was so much like Benjamin it made me wonder if we really are unique or are all four year old boys pretty much the same. Anna and I sort of stared at him and kept muttering "it's Benjamin.....he's here"

Alex gave Erik his old Cabella's catalogue and Erik has placed his first order. It would be great to send Charley and Alex on a real adventure with the older boys and get their money's worth out of all their cute outdoor equipment. Jeanie and Alex are headed for the Boundary Waters this coming weekend. They stay in the same area for two weeks I think and go fishing etc in the area. That sounds like fun too.

Till next time.......

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