Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ground Hogs day

Yesterday was full of anticipating rain which we finally did get a pretty good amount. We went to the pool beforehand but had the hardest time getting going. My cucumber plants have been serving as a salad bar to the ground hog family under Charley's wood pile. The boys set some traps for them and.......don't read this if you are eating......found one snapped with a foot in it. YUKKKKK!!!!! Then.....they found the pest dead with........two feet still in tact. Isn't that pleasant? I think the dog finished that one off. He does it for sport and not for dinner.

So......the mama or papa ground hog was still hanging around and they set traps again and snap, they got it. It is HUGE and still under the wood pile. Matthew tried to pull it out from under and had a hold of the chain. This thing is strong. We were supposed to be meeting the Hubbards at the pool so I could tag team with her to watch both sets of kids for a longer time so I told Matthew to nail the peg back in the ground and his dad could take care of it later. Matthew was extremely frustrated that he could not pull that thing out. SO.....Charley tried after work and HE couldn't pull it out. THey caught sight of it still attached to the chain and it is the mother of ground hogs. Charley said it was no wonder Matthew couldn't pull it out seeing as he couldn't either and at the sight of it.

At the moment it is still under the wood pile. Yuk and double yuk. I have no clue what they are going to do with it but it is the source of much boy talk.

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