Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cutting teeth

Stefan is definately cutting his upper teeth. Wow, yuk, and poor thing. I don't think I have ever paid attention to this in my other kids as it didn't seem to affect them. Stefan lets us know frequently when his teeth are bothering him. He is hungry and then he stops eating.....he is hungry and then he stops eating. There is a lot of crying in between.

His other new talents (?) are banging on the floor, squeeling loudly, and giving high fives. He has a particular grunt when he is excited about his oatmeal cooking which is definately different then his other noises. He sort of waves bye bye too - cute.

He is back to sleeping through the night and actually drank some rice milk from a bottle at our lovely beach escapade. Hopefully he is so easily charmed by Anna, Erik, or Maggie in the back seat of our car on the way to and from HT. Someone lost the top to our one and only bottle he likes though. Walmart, Target etc. love us.

Time to go barbaque the chicken (I can't spell anymore so I think I am going to stop apologizing for it - my brain is lost somewhere).


Anita said...

Have you ever used the Hyland's tablets for teething? They worked like a charm for Teagan and helped most of the time for Simon.
Meijer's carries them, Target might but I'm not sure.
You'll have to share what beach you go to. Smiley sort of choked on the cost of the pool pass once the sign up fee was added:(

Karin said...

Meaning you didn't sign up? Or....perhaps it takes 20 years of marraige to get them to stop choking. ;o)