Sunday, July 08, 2007

I'm glad I'm not a chicken

It sure was hot. I know it was hot all over the country and my greatest sympathies to those without air conditioning. I am sure there is an art to living through heat without it. I can imagine people 'chill out' in the afternoon and do any work they can manage in the evenings. We put our barn chores off until 8:00pm today for this very reason. The chickens and the turkeys got sprayed down several times today to get them through the heat of the afternoon. I remember a few years ago we didn't know about doing this and nearly lost a whole bunch of them. A fellow 4-Her stopped by our house just in the nick of time to tell us how to handle high heat and poultry. It seems pretty logical now but didn't occur to us then.

The 'boys' are home. Charley seemed to have a ball at summer camp. That amuses me a little. I used to be a camp counselor and actually I would love to go on one of these excursions but that will probably have to wait till Martin, Benjamin and Stefan go to Boy Scout camp. Charley apparently helped with some painting and seemed to enjoy things overall. Matthew earned 5 merit badges and is as usual full of cute stories. Anybody want to hear some camp jokes? Call Matthew and he will bend your ear for awhile. Gosh I missed having that kid around here.

The kids are having a Harry Potter reading marathon. Anna is rereading them and Matthew is somewhere in book four. Erik has not caught the bug yet. I tried to reread them but have only gotten into the second one so far. I think Matthew is going to make it before book 7.

Charley and I also had a throw stuff out party in the basement. Hmmmm.....we are always in shock by how much junk gets stuffed here and there. I am sure the kids kept hearing gasps of how ridiculous it all was. My book shelves are looking thinner (more room for new books.....) and many things were thrown out of a little tool area down there.

Stefan seems to be packing on the weight. Prednisone will do that to a person but for him it is a fringe benefit of treatment. His thighs are actually looking fat! I wonder if this will last. We tried to get some pictures of him today but kept forgetting and then he would be cranky and uncooperative.

That is all for today......


Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Three cheers for Stefan and his thunder thighs! Woo Hoo!

Zach and I heard the funniest thing (in my warped opinion) on CNN the other morning. Some woman was marveling at how hot it was, here, there and everywhere. Okay, fair enough, I like to talk about the weather as much as the next guy. But then she went on to say, with that dramatic newsperson voice, that it was "suffocatingly hot in Death Valley." Duh! Like this is news, people?

Someone asked me today if anyone lives in Death Valley. The answer, of course, is "not for long." I expect it wouldn't be a good place for chickens, anyway.

Now that I think of it, I suppose "Death Valley Hot" would be headline news for the South Bend Tribune.

Karin said...

Uh....yea. It's January, it's cold....complain. It's July, it's hot.....complain. It's October...the leaves are falling off the trees.....complain. Death Valley Hot would CERTAINLY make the headlines. Imagine if they were chickens.