Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Robbed - oh bother...

Yep, you read correctly. The kids and I went to the beach today. It is our favorite beach because it is not heavily populated. Well......there is a down side to that. It is not heavily populated so robbers know they can get away with getting into people's vehicles and robbing them. I have mentioned to several people lately that the seemingly bigger things in life don't bother me and that it is the little things like whining kids that do. Ok, Stefan's episode was not little and it did bother me but that was a life or death thing. I saw the broken window and just went about the business of reporting what happened. We have already called the Visa and Discover people and my bank and fortunately there is nothing on the cards that we will be held responsible for. THe bank was fine. What puzzles me is that once they try to use it and it comes up as stolen, wouldn't they get arrested? I know where they used it and there are also supposed servelience cameras. Do I call the company? I probably will at least make an effort tomorrow.

In the funnies on Sunday there was a comment by one of the characters that real life criminals are idiots and not at all like the movies. This seems sort of idiotic to me and perhaps they will never catch the people. I did not have my Soc. number in there or anyone else's so that is a good thing.

The window on the van is being fixed tomorrow. Our friends the Hubbards were with us so they took the little kids home so they weren't blown away by the open window and they wouldn't have to deal with the glass. That was a good thing. Stephen helped me look up phone numbers on the way home to call and cancel things like my library card. I have to call them back tomorrow as we got disconnected.

So that was the adventure of the day. See how worked up I am? It is a nusiance. I also think our poor Asst. Pastor has been worried enough with worrying about the Horner's. I am sure he can handle it though. He seems rough and tough to me.

I need to find a more populated beach........

Oh....here's some things I learned. Take just your liscense to the beach and enough cash to get by. Don't leave your cell phone in the car (I didn't but I guess they do weird things with them). Also you should never carry your Soc. Number, ever. Make sure it is not on any documents that you carry. I fortunately did not have that with me either but I sure can see how that can be a big problem called identity theft.

The picture is of the Beach Tree in our yard. It is cheerfully getting a drink tonight.


Anita said...

Oh my!
Yes you can call all the places and I would. I had my purse stolen from my work once when I worked at a shop in a mall and I tracked down each store they went to. Unfortunately there were no videos to use and they were never caught. It was so frustrating too because they repeatedly misspelled my maiden name and no one bothered to check the signatures!

What a hassle but I guess at least no one was hurt.

Nat said...

Signatures are, as a rule, not checked. http://www.zug.com/pranks/credit/

I was thinking about that idea of catching the thieves by tracking where they used the card, too. I'm about 95% sure that the credit card company can know immediately when any card is used, or can make a note come up for the cashier, or something, so that the cashier could, for instance, say "Just a moment..." and quietly call security. Then when they're in place ask for confirmation of ID or whatever. Of course, if the thief hands them a card and they say "Please wait a moment while I check if this card is valid," the thief is likely to scamper off.

But, I understand the whole thing is very complicated. I do remember one incident where the victim simply found the criminals, himself, but that was sort of just luck.

Anyway. Hope it all works out in the end. My mom said you had little of value in the purse besides the (two?) cards

Karin said...

I've called everywhere but have a few more calls to make just in case. I also need to go to the bank this morning and straighten that around so we can write checks from a new account. EEErrrrrrRR....

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

Look, y'all don't have to compete for exciting stories on your blog! Good gravy, girl, this is a bit much. Please do take it easy on the assistant pastor. He is a tough guy, to be sure, but let's not test his limits, okay? At least not while he's taking Latin.

I am very thankful that the harm and loss were only to your property and not to anyone's person or life. The Lord continue to be with you, bless you and keep you.