Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Reserve Champion Poland China

Matthew was very pleased to win Reserve Champion Poland China this afternoon. I was happy for him as well. He worked pretty hard this summer taking care of all the animals while his family flitted here and there and everywhere. The last two weeks he has done quite a bit in the line of chores. He said he would do the project again as it is pretty easy overall.

The boys turkeys won blue ribbons so that was better than last year. THe judge was pretty tough in poultry so they should be pleased. We know what we did wrong with the broilers this year so if they want to do better next year (yes, I think they will do it all again) then they know what they need to do to get back where they were last year. I am sure with Stefan being older that the project will be better as the naggin mom can at least have a little more time to access how things are going.

Anna and Micheala hung out together. She and Micheala were 'friends' as little people or rather her mom and I were until her mom moved. (We're still friends, we just don't get to spend time together) THey get together every summer and boy did they have fun this year. Micheala is a very nice young lady and I was pleased to spend time with her. The time was too short really and she goes back to South Carolina tomorrow. Bummer.

I still have HT posts to do so perhaps later I will get to that.

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