Monday, July 16, 2007

Deep thoughts....hmmmm

Here are the deep thoughts of the day. If you call a utility company to get help because your purse was stolen and you closed your checking account to protect yourself from get ahold of someone who treats you like a crook (sp?) then hang up and try again until you get ahold of someone who knows what they are talking about and gives you a satisfactory answer. The trick is to remember to hang up and not to argue with the poorly trained employee. If the employee actually laughs with you at your stress they will probably be easier to deal with.

Second deep thought. It might be good to keep money in the mattress in case you yourself cannot get money easily. Teach critical thinking to your kids so they can figure out what the latest and greatest glitch is and remember to do just one of these annoying things per day instead of thinking you can accomplish them all in one day. It is far less stressful to just deal with one headache per day then to give yourself a migraine wanting to get rid of all stressers.

Be sure you kiss your kiddos and then of course the spouse. Party hard with your family doing things like swimming, camp fires, taking your kids with you to the store and bank so you can keep your humor and.......don't forget to just try one thing at a time. THank the Lord that there are some civil human beings who understand that there are SOME honest people left in the world who are trying to get their finances in order responsibly.

How was that for deep??????

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