Wednesday, July 11, 2007

husband's wallets

Hey guys and gals. Since I am the paranoid type I decided to look through my dear husband's wallet last night to see if he carried his Soc. No. in there. (He was watching Macgyver) and......his cute little wallet had his SS card with my number neatly identified on the back, his blood donation card from when he lived in PA with his SS number on it, old insurance cards which also had SS numbers on them. Ahem.....cute that he still doesn't have much in it is time to clean the wallet!

I had recently switched purses so much of my 'old' stuff was out of there. I am not positive now that his SS number wasn't on one of those health cards so am now going to go through the 'protect yourself from identity theft' dance this morning. I made several of those calls last night at 11:00.

Moral of the story, clean house and carry very little identifying anything with you.


Nat said...

I don't understand. What power or advantage does a thief have if he has your SSC or #?

Karin said...

They can use it to apply for loans, credit cards etc in your name. They get the numbers and money and have fun and the company comes back to you to pay up. Irritating really. I personally think the credit industry has caused this problem to begin with in giving out credit and loans willly nilly and encouraging debt and theivery. It used to be VERY hard to get a credit card and financial stability had to be proven by your bank. Using credit was considered a BAD thing. The companies need your SS# to do this and a name and address is also helpful to them. I am not sure that explains this fully to you.