Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cecilia spreading the gospel

Cecilia has been very enthusiastic about learning the catechism since she can now read it on her own. Pastor asked Erik to help her with it while she was gone. Well......she studies it on her own all the time. This morning she asked me when Pastor was going to be getting home and I gave her the news that it was still over a week away. Why I asked? She cutely and sincerely explained that she wanted to tell him what she knew about the catechism. Aaawww..... I did mention that we had two pastors so she could talk to our other pastor. SHe seemed pacified.

Last night we had a couple over who help the boys with their pig project and Cecilia brought her catechism down, plunked herself in a chair and proceeded to tell our guest everything she had been learning and was especially excited to share what she had memorized about the Sacrament of the Altar. The lady took a lot of interest and asked to see her book. She talked with Cecilia some about how all we had to do was to step outside the door and even look at a weed to see that God was the Creator of this world. So the two of them had a great talk. It was humbling to watch and listen to this six year old tell a stranger everything she knew about Jesus. How sweet is that? The lady told Cecilia that her book was a wonderful book and that everyone should read it.
I SOOO love the simplicity of little children. They say it like it is in plain language and we complicated adults stand humbled. She is looking forward to Pastor's return.......

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