Friday, July 13, 2007

What's wrong with my apprearance?

I have been restraining myself from posting about this but.....last night's 4-H meeting 'forces' me to chat about the issue of appearance. Anna and I went to Micheal's to get her painting framed for the fair. So......we get back to the counter and waited for someone to help us and who should appear but a tatto laden, ratty t-shirt, ear rings everywhere young man. He also had a nice sun burn with a line from where his ball cap was on his head. Ok....that was not so shocking but it did sort of add to his 'look'. Well.....being the naughty, intolerant woman that I am I started to sort of giggle nervously. I asked him something like 'are you able to help us?'. 'Uhhh....why?' says the professionally clad young man (not). 'Well" says the mom, 'you see, it is your appearance' "Uhh....what's wrong with my appearance?". says the young man in a powerful way as if to say to me that I should not have a problem with his personal expression.

So....I briefly explained with my best Cindy B. smile, that his lack of professional appearance did not lead me to believe that I could trust him with my daughter's painting. I did not give him time to respond and went on a manager hunt.

My point? Why in the world would this young man assume that he should be treated as if there was a brain upstairs? Appearance in my book speaks miles towards one's attitude toward their job. What does this have to do with 4-H? I opened my BIG mouth last night at a poultry meeting, to address (pun intended) the recent ignoring of proper attire in the animal barns - wet t-shirt, fraternizing etc. If you are representing someplace then you should dress and act accordingly. My dear friend Cindy asked what my problem was with tattoos as her dh has one. Well....I have no problem with tattoos, it is fine to have one but to dress properly for the occasion, which her husband is one of the best dressed men I know! Then she got it.

Oh.....just for giggles. We were discussing the Deaconess 'uniform' with Sandy and there was the idea of a jumper from Polly. There was also the idea of keeping the emblem on the shoulder. Sandy asked what they could do if they wanted to go sleeveless? I suggested they get a tattoo on their shoulder and that would solve the problem. So......some people should just have tattoos but they just need to be the right ones!


Susan said...

About the deaconess uniform:
Does anybody know where that came from? Is it some innovation of the last 50 years or so?

This question came to me a couple of days ago. Whenever my husband sees nun habits, he evaluates them as to whether they would make better or worse deaconess uniforms than what we currently have.

Sandra said...

Well Susan, here's part of an answer. This is from the CU-Chicago website:

1. Why do deaconesses wear a uniform?

The garb, or uniform, has been a part of deaconess identity since the mid-1800's. In a practical vein, the uniform enables hospital staff and patients to instantly recognize one who provides care that is distinctly spiritual and Christian. In the parish, visitors and members easily identify the person in the uniform.

With a cross on her shoulder and a cross pin over her heart, the uniform visually reminds a deaconess of her identity and purpose. It reminds her that the Lord has chosen her for service; she has not chosen Him or the work. A uniform also covers her person and helps people to recognize it is really Christ who is caring for them.

The uniform is not required. Some deaconesses wear their uniform every day; some wear it once a week. Certain deaconesses, such as those in prison ministry, may not wear the garb because a uniform may symbolize oppressive authority and block the way for the Gospel.

The uniform of the Concordia Deaconess Conference (see more below) consists of a navy blue business suit with a white blouse or a navy blue business dress along with the insignia and cross pin. White is a reminder of the towel Christ used to wash his disciples feet. The gold cross is for consecrated and commissioned deaconesses. Students wear a light blue insignia.

It seems to me that even "navy blue business dress" leaves plenty of room to make suggestions. I've asked Karin, Anna, Polly, and Lydia to come up with a new uniform, since they are all expert seamstresses.

Sorry Karin - this is going a bit astray of your original topic. :-)

Karin said...

No problem Sandra. What is an original topic anyway when it comes to blogging?