Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's the little things....

that make me nuts. Big things like purses being stolen or expensive things getting broken or animals kicking the bucket generally don't make me nuts. No, those other things have not happened recently. It is the little things that make me nutso. My dear neighbors had a party and kindly gave us their left over soda. THe kids enjoyed some yesterday and did remember to ask before they indulged. THis morning I went to the check on Stefan who crawled into the kitchen and discovered that the kids had left the soda on the floor and did not screw the caps on. Well.....Stefan was having a great time in there. After he was bathed and the floor was washed (good news right?) the rest of the kiddos came down from their nests. Nothing awful happened but taking care of these little things for some reason makes me on edge and when little Stefan decides to have an itching festival it is hard for my nerves to watch and smile at these antics.

A friend and I were chuckling at how some of these details just escape people. The one detail we were laughing at was the ability to see a pattern in life such as eating at a regular hour. Is it a surprise that we eat between six and seven or do we keep fiddling with things until it dawns on us that our crazy wives are looking a little exasperated. How do the wives just smile, chuckle and overlook? Should knowing when dinner is be important? It is sort of comical in that it really isn't surprising but to have cute husbands bumping through life without realizing that it is more convenient for the dinner cooker to come when expected can sometimes raise my eyebrows. THese same cute husbands can do the most amazing things.

Last night my cute husband risked heat and itchiness to crawl in the attic and replace the attic fan. What a pain. It is done though and I am glad he can do such great things. The kids will sweat less at night and the airconditioning will not run as much. Cooler sleeping kids makes for less whining as well. Did he eat with us? No, but that is ok right?

I was also thinking about how some people eat in the twinkling of an eye, like my eldest daughter. We can have dinner on the table and our seats will barely be warm and she is done. Then there are other cute kids who eat their breakfast like there is all the time in the day and nothing at all facing them in the line of responsibility. THat is the way they eat. They have two grandpas who eat the same way and make their dear wives crazy. How can eating take so long?????? The kid I have in mind is not necessarily reading anything either. The one grandpa is. It is their personality and I guess the good part is that they will probably never be fat as taking longer to eat makes digestion go more smoothly - har, har. Now that is a deep thought!

The baby is miraculously sleeping so I better go clean the bathroom or something. The kids are outside washing pigs.......

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