Monday, May 11, 2009

Cone of Silence part two

My kids have a great sense of humor. We have been kidding around about the Cone of Silence. They know that noise has been making me crazy and the older ones totally get the ineffectiveness of the Cone of Silence on 'Get Smart'. So we were driving around to art and organ lessons last Thursday and picturing eight kids locked in a van with their crazy mother who asks, "I need my Cone of Silence" and then.......the older three right on cue start in with the "What?! I can't hear you! Can you say that again???? What? What? I can't hear you!" They are such a scream. At least they can laugh about what makes me nuts.....noise not the Cone of Silence.

I hope today brings some happy times together. Ironically my favorite thing is to spend time with my kids. I dream of gaining some structure to the summer so I can get to my little people more, get some house fix it stuff done and then there is the whole yard thing. Mostly I want to have some fun with my kids and my Anna before I lose her to IU. My stomach gets tied up in knots quite often just thinking about the days flying by. 'Oh stop it Karin. Drink your coffee and go throw in another load of laundry.'

So I do live in a Cone of Silence in reality. Har har. None of us can hear what the other person is saying except those who don't need to hear what is being said. :o)


Susan said...

Oh, Karin, I've been reading what you've been saying about the Cone of Silence, and I know so much what you mean. When the older kids were little, we'd listen to all sorts of educational tapes in the car, we'd sing songs together, we'd recite catechism, we'd listen to audio-books whenever we were doing something where I was too occupied to read but available to listen, we'd listen to the news and talk-radio and discuss it.

And now all I want is quiet. It changed about 5-8 years ago maybe. Ah, let's see, that would've been about the time my oldest was Anna's age. Hmmm. Maybe we can only take so many years of the airwaves assaulting our minds before we go crazy. Really, I keep thinking that I'll get over it, but I don't. I want quiet quiet quiet!

Karin said...

Gee thank you Susan. You are definitely a kindred spirit, especially since you are brave enough to admit this noise thing can make you nutty too. I do think my younger kids learned to be noisier than my older ones were at the same age. is the lack of noise tolerance thing and not really as complicated as difference in noise. Who knows. I can't seem to use books on tape as there are different kids in the van at different times since some are now left at then the ones who aren't in the van think we have to start a book all over again. Ack! Sigh! I suppose I could bring along a different kind of tape.......:o)