Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Learned some Irish today

I was looking for a gift for my Godchild's wedding shower (which I am taking her out to eat rather than attending) and went to the local Catholic Bookstore. I thought something for their wall would be nice. There were several nice sayings etc. on display. One was a "God Bless this Home" framed picture and on the bottom it had an Irish word, Fáilte. So I took the picture to the counter and asked what that word meant as I had never seen it before. She actually wasn't sure although many items had it on it around the store. Two other patrons eagerly entered the conversation and thought that it meant peace or......Good Luck. I politely giggled and questioned this and said I wanted to know for sure what it meant as I was not quite sure about giving a plaque that stated "God Bless this Home" and "Good luck with that". :o) They laughed and saw my point. I put the picture back and kept looking but one of the women took it upon herself to figure it out and approached me to let me know it meant "welcome". Well, that makes more sense I suppose. I just found it amusing they thought it meant good luck paired with wishing God's blessing. Perhaps you had to be there but now I know what that word means.

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