Thursday, May 07, 2009

Cone of Silence

We have been watching too much Get Smart lately and I am very intrigued by the Cone of Silence. I want one of those but I don't think I would let anyone in with me very often. I suppose it would help to have it during lessons with little children who can't seem to screen out the rest of the racket. I can picture myself smiling and buzzing around the house working on whatever needs to be done without hearing all the crying, whining, relentless mommy questions etc going on around me. That would be very nice just for a day. I guess this is what mothers had in the over glorified fifties - public school - their cone of silence.

Picking myself up by the boot straps, I return to my regularly scheduled programing.


Karen said...

I always wanted a Cone of Silence on days when the piano is never quiet. Sometimes, a mom just needs some peace. :)

Moria said...

Of course, with the cone of silence, they had more trouble hearing the other person inside than those outside had hearing them.