Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wood is good for something

I am following through with my dear sweet husband's practical suggestion on how to get rid of fat on the upper part of my disproportionate self......chuck wood. We have his lovely mistress the wood splitter that creates large piles of wood to chuck into bins. He is SO right and it is a great suggestion. I suppose this could be seen as a landmark bonding moment for the two of us. I am not known to be a lover of wood but frankly I could chuck wood for a LONG time. I feel very desperate to get back in shape for various reasons. One of which is I feel better in general if I am getting in shape. Another being I am less likely to bite any one's head off when I am in shape. (Sorry for those headless people I've encountered in life that I wasn't exercising) (Thankful for those who have lost their heads who still put up with me....) I also save money as my ancient dusty wardrobe becomes useful again. There are many dangers in this endeavor that will not be mentioned here but I am having fun working harder.

Biking with my husband who claims to need to get in shape can be quite humiliating as he pedals with one foot while I stand up working EXTREMELY hard to get myself up the hills. He doesn't exactly mock me but finds this very interesting. I find it very perplexing why I am working myself intensely while he is sauntering along at the same speed. Could be annoying if I think about it too hard. Maybe by the end of the summer I can give him more of a workout. He goes along to protect me from the boogie man (which for the first time we did see some suspicious characters who I would not have wanted to come across on my own). If he is NOT in shape what does that make me??????

Best go stretch my sorry body and foot, with the perpetual pain thing going on, out so I can walk tomorrow morning.


Kim said...

Annoying and humiliating is my son running circles around me as I go for a walk up the street. I'm breathing heavily since I'm so out of shape and everything is uphill. He's running around and talking non-stop since he's in great shape. I don't take walks with him anymore, it's too depressing!

Karin said...

All I can figure is slow and steady wins this get in shape race.