Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy for my mom

My mom is doing what I have wanted to do. She has joined a community band and is looking forward to practicing and participating in concerts etc. this summer. She too played the horn in High School and is pretty good about being able to pick it up and making it do what she wants it to do. Perhaps some day I will do the same sort of thing but am not sure I can commit to a weekly stint at the moment. I heard of a local one here that seems to be more of a strong commitment than the one she is playing for.

In the meantime I hope to practice for the sake of keeping my brain going and for enjoyment. Playing at church is nice but will have to talk my piano playing friends into a glass of wine and just enjoying some playing together for some evenings this summer. I recall having a very good time doing that a few years back. I think I would also like to impress upon my kids what it means to practice. The only trouble with this is fitting this plus the gardening and helping my kids with their weak points in school over the summer. Perhaps I can practice right after the baby wakes up in the would serve a double purpose.....

I am happy that I think I have found a solution to one of my kids weak points just this afternoon so will look forward to working that out.

Congratulations mom on finding some fun! Very happy for you!


organistsandra said...

I had a similar thought: we should have a few casual summer evening music making get-togethers. It's a fun way to practice. I even dreamed of an Emmaus brass ensemble - wouldn't even have to play for church, but just for the fun of getting together, working the chops, and making music. Wonder if I could convince Nat to pick up the trombone.

Karin said...

That would be very awesome. What other closet instrumentalists are lurking about??? Tell Nat I think this is a great idea! ;o)