Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Life a little too busy right now

I have run the same load of laundry three times in the last three days. Don't ask me why but something has gone wrong with it each time. I am B.E.H.I.N.D.! Sorry FlyLady. It is just true. I am contemplating putting my MP3 player on and staying up to find some surfaces. Or.....I might just try to get to sleep so I can do a bunch of that tomorrow. I've been reading my brains out, trying to keep up with the kids stuff and now it is a jungle out there. I love warmer weather but the work load for me starts to get out of control. Hopefully the lawn mower parts come in Friday so I can tackle some of it over the weekend. Oh No! Another whining post. I'll try to behave. I do love mowing the lawn as it allows me a little time to have quiet from family noise. It is a different kind of noise but my brain is not interrupted for a basically predictable amount of time and let's face it, Karin without exercise is not a very nice Karin. I should have been a lumber jack or something which requires a lot of physical activity. I'll be getting plenty of that soon so as long as I can catch up on the house, the clothing switcheroo, the ironing, the book reading for next year, and riding herd on the math then life should improve. Just do the next thing Karin......

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