Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh beloved jam

NEVER have I witnessed such fascination with a jar of strawberry jam. My Cecilia was given a gift of a jar of jam from her friends at church. She VERY carefully followed their instructions with great enthusiasm. Every other small child in the family carefully observed whatever she was doing with her jam. She carried it with her for the first allotment of time and was very excited that her grandmother was coming at the appointed time to put the jam in the refrigerator so she would remember to put it there. As soon as my mother pulled in the driveway she was running for her jam jar.

The next morning her beloved jam was removed from the fridge and opened. She lovingly painted her toast with it. Her little brothers observed her love of her jam and wanted some too. She did share and I did not observe she skimped on their toast. There is a little jam left now four days later but she does not seem too concerned. She told me quite confidently that she was told the jam would last 30 days in the refrigerator. I hope she will be OK when her little brothers again look longingly at her jar of jam this morning.......

Now if I made a jar of would rot in the refrigerator. Perhaps I will have her make some jam to help soothe her grief. Thank you sincerely to the jam makers and givers for adding much excitement to my sweet, innocent Cecilia's life. I need to copy this tale into her scrapbook.


TruthQuestioner said...

That's awesome!

Our Anna got a jar of jam too. But when Dad first saw it he asked whether it was too old to be safe anymore! :P It was only a day old.

Karin said...

The hours were SOOO carefully counted. Cecilia is incredibly incredible and pretty sweet too.