Tuesday, May 05, 2009

In case you haven't figured it out

I've been fighting the cranky wankies and while planting potatoes was thinking that dumping me on a deserted island with some nice beaches for a while would be a great idea. Of course it would be nice if the island had pineapple and banana trees too. I am not sure and I am sure why I feel that way but cannot necessarily explain it. Oh well.

Life with eight kids and the ADD husband always keeps me on my toes. I can only explain it that way. Desert Islands sound good when the dishes are piling high, the kids can't seem to catch up on their school work, the dishes break, the house gets cluttered, and so on and boring so on. I am not depressed, just having a Calgon moment. School is also getting very difficult as I become more ADD myself. Also as the weather improves, my jobs increase. We should have fresh lettuce and spinach within the week though so perhaps that will improve my mood. Is this post ADD or what????

Ramble, ramble, ramble.......moral of this tale is perhaps to give this crazed woman some space and perhaps make sure she gets some exercise to improve sanity. Missed my bike ride again today :o( Hoeing helped but biking would have made it better.

Enough whining for one blog post.


Anan said...

Can I come if I bring a Wilson volleyball with?

Karin said...

Funny I thought about Wilson Volleyballs too but thought our pastors might frown upon that idea so didn't mention it.