Wednesday, May 13, 2009

That guy looks familiar.....

I was driving the kids to Catechesis class this afternoon down our road and on the side of the road there was a pile of some sort of pipes. I looked at them and turned to Anna and said, "Dad is going to pick those up and bring them home." She looked a little dubious.

On my return trip without the kids, I saw a truck pulled to the side of the road by where those pipes were. Charley had driven his car to work and I knew he had said he was on his way home so.....this man steps out of the truck and I thought to myself (seriously not getting it) "Huh, that guy has a hat just like Charley's." and then I thought, "Huh, he has a very similar build to Charley's" and "Oh! That IS Charley!" He must have rushed home after seeing the pipes and grabbed the truck and beat it back there. That man is fast. I then told Charley upon us both getting home, "Guess what I told Anna when we drove down Magnolia Rd?" He couldn't guess. He was amused that I knew exactly what he was going to do without even talking to him. That's my problem, I can predict what my family is going to do before they do it. I'm sure I make them nutty. (No, I don't read minds, just personalities. It's a curse.)

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