Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hair cut day

Clearly I need to cut people's hair more often. When I got done with Grizzly Adams I found Charley underneath. Now all he needs is a fresh sleek new dress shirt and tie and......well....never mind. Why don't I keep up on that boy????? I think he was excited he had hair to cut and was avoiding the scissors. I did something a little radical and I was frankly surprised he was still employed with that scraggly mess he had before but the state of his hairdoo clearly does not effect anyone at Bosch. Now to work on him smiling a charming smile more often. He has gained at least five to ten years this afternoon. I wonder if a good hair cut also brings down one's cholesterol level.

The rest of the kids got a hair cut too accept little Stefan who was happier to keep playing and doesn't need a hair cut too badly anyway. Matthew just told me to please behave and not make it as short as last time. They all look pretty spiffy now. Phew. Now what to do with my own mop. I think I would lose five to ten years too with it a little shorter again.

Ingrid is snoring. I must go find a sitter so I can go on a quick bike ride. Perhaps I will get a picture up here soon. I bet he won't be mistaken for Grandpa anytime soon.


Moria said...

My vote is usually to grow hair out a little.

Karin said...

I'm is driving me a little nutty though and there IS SO MUCH OF IT!