Saturday, May 02, 2009

This is no time for an energy slump

The last few days I have been dragging and lacking motivation to chase the latest panic. There are plenty of latest panics too. The sun is shining today so I am dreaming of catching up with the laundry, some lawn mowing, and gardening. We will be able to rake up the clippings for mulch the grass is so high. The mowing should burn off many of my fat cells too. I drank some real coffee this morning in hopes that might jump start me a little more effectively but it may just result in my being quicker to bite some one's head off.

Other news of excitement. I ordered two fifty foot row covers for the broccoli, spinach etc. I am very excited about the prospect of fresh spinach salad soon. It is up and doing very well. There is quite a bit of lettuce doing well too. Broccoli without wormies to soak out of it sounds fantastic to me. The asparagus is up and producing and we had our first batch last night. The heat totally jump started the asparagus and we need to cut it every day now. I would like to plant more so we have more to share. We have the land so it seems logical to use the land for good purpose.

LaRena is giving a garden class this morning at church so I need to get my dragging self going so I can go dream of our gardening success this summer :o) Wouldn't it be nice to rename the homestead "Our Farm of Perpetual Produce?" Sigh it is not "Our Farm of Perpetual Productivity" at the moment.

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